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The US Army Is Looking to Esports to Help with Falling Recruitment Numbers

People aren’t joining the US Army, and video games may be the remedy. The oldest branch of the US Armed Forces is looking to video games to help with its falling recruitment numbers. The organization is setting up a number of video game tournaments for active duty troops and reservists. With the move, the army is hoping that it will encourage more young people to enlist.

This decision came after the army failed to meet its fiscal year goal for recruits for the first time in over a decade. It plans to have over 500,000 soldiers in its ranks during the next four years. However, esports are only one part of an initiative to revive falling recruitment numbers. Other efforts include a “functional fitness” team, more bonuses, and even a new slogan.

This isn’t the first time the US Army has flirted with esports. Back in July 2018, the organization hosted a Street Fighter V tournament. The tournament was similarly open to anyone currently serving in the Army. It also has the long-running America’s Army video game-slash-recruiting tool, which came to the PS4 in 2017.

The effort is apparently “still in the works,” but more information should come soon. The teams will be a part of the Army’s Marketing and Engagement Team. They will travel to various venues and tournaments representing the organization. The teams are envisioned as “support roles” helping “young people see soldiers in a different light.”

[Source: Stars and Stripes]