Red Dead Redemption 2 Time-Lapse Shows the Open World Evolving

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 is a technical marvel, with countless small moving parts creating a giant, immersive open-world and showing the passage of time. Thanks to a fan video, we can see just how the world evolves as players progress through the game’s story.

A video from YouTuber DefendTheHouse showcased the incredible amount of detail that Rockstar packed into RDR2‘s ever-changing world. Check it out below:

Storefronts in Valentine first appeared as wooden shells, before being completed with walls, paint, and customers venturing inside many moons later. A homestead in Pastor’s Ridge initially only had a foundation and the beginnings of a small porch. People could stop by and watch as men worked hard to finish the job, building walls, and cutting wood, before the home was ultimately completed. Similar progress was made at Appleseed Timber Co., where numerous trees were felled and a small home was built.

The video went on to show the evolution of other areas, such as Central Union Railroad, Saint Denis, Pronghorn Ranch, and Blackwater. In these locations, the landscape changed drastically, which opened up new ways for players to navigate the open-world. For instance, the Central Union Railroad started as nothing short of dirt trail, then turned into railroad tracks that spanned many miles. Forested areas were cleared, while little bridges and passes are also constructed.

It’s wildly impressive and may make people wonder how such changes will be reflected in Red Dead Online. Will a player who’s still early in RDR2 see Central Union Railroad in its finished state online? We’ll find out soon enough.

Red Dead Redemption Online’s beta will go live on the PlayStation 4 later in November 2018.