Check Out This Darksiders III Fan’s Polymer Clay Tribute to Fury

Fans are celebrating the debut of Darksiders III in many ways, and that includes bringing elements of it to life in the real world. A YouTuber going by Mr. Hary101 has created a polymer clay figure of Darksiders III’s protagonist, Fury. If you are envious and like it, then you can follow his video tutorial and maybe try and make your own.

Check out the polymer clay tutorial below:

The video is slighly sped up and shows the artist’s process in incredible detail. From the painted lava that flows across the figure’s base to the many intricate details on Fury’s suit, Mr. Hary101’s work deserves applause.

In the comments section of the video, the YouTuber noted that he took inspiration from the figurine featured in the Darksiders III’s collector’s edition. He also explained that while the figure itself is made from polymer clay, the holder is wooden.

The coming launch of Darksiders III is especially exciting for longtime fans, as the franchise’s fate uncertain after THQ’s bankruptcy and the shuttering of developer Vigil Games. Players will jump into the shoes of the sole female member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fury. Like the franchise’s previous protagonists, War and Death, Fury is a Nephilim.

The new entry does feature some changes. For example, Darksiders III has no mini-map. According to Senior Designer Richard Vorodi, it was removed for two reasons. One is that Gunfire Games members did not think players cared for the mini-map in the previous two entries. More importantly, the team wanted players to get lost in the world, which they feel is well worth exploring.

Fury will ride into Darksiders III aboard the Black Horse when the game releases for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 27, 2018.

[Source via Twinfinite]