Burger King Is Sending Swedish Players on a Fetch Quest in RDR2

In a surprisingly late act of cross-promotion, Burger King is offering a free Whopper to players in Sweden who find all four ingredients in Red Dead Redemption 2. What does a burger have to do with this expansive, critically-acclaimed western from Rockstar games? According to the promotional video below, “Playing great games makes you hungry.” Fair enough, I guess. Unfortunately, this offer is only available at 135 participating locations in Sweden.

Check out the “Craft a Western Whopper” video.

To take advantage of this promotion, start by finding the following ingredients in-game: one bread roll, one cheese wedge, one pork loin, and one prime beef. Then head to craftawhopper.com and scan them. Once the items have been scanned, you’ll see your reward appear on screen, which acts a voucher for a “Western Whopper” at your nearest Burger King. You only have twenty-four hours to redeem it, so don’t pull the trigger until you’re ready (and hungry).

This isn’t the first wonky food/video game promotion we’ve seen this year. Who could forget the Uber Eats’ “cod for COD” deal that gave you a free copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with your fish and chips? Hopefully, this promotion goes better than that one did.

If you’re forced to miss out on this debatably delicious deal because of your location, don’t worry. You still have the Red Dead Online beta to look forward to, which officially launches this week.

[Source: DualShockers]