Dress Like Arthur Morgan With These Limited Edition Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothes

Red Dead Online isn’t the only way to get your Red Dead Redemption 2 fix this week. The unique cross-promotions continue as Barking Irons launches an official, limited-time RDR2 clothing line. It features items straight from the game and some simply inspired by Arthur Morgan. Take a look at these beautiful shirts and get ready to go broke over one luxurious duffel bag.

Barking Irons aims to tell “peculiar American stories” through its “premium clothing and accessories.” It prides itself in collaboration to redefine and reinvigorate artist merch. Barking Irons currently partners with Bob Dyland, Prophets of Rage, Kings of Leon, Billy Joel, Yoko Ono, Guardian Angels, Sean Lennon, and now Rockstar Games.

The prices are fairly high, but the attention to detail can’t be overstated. The subtle nods to the game are some of the most appreciated. For instance, the Gunslinger jacket has A. Morgan written on the inner collar, as well as the Rockstar insignia inside and Van Der Linde Gang stitched in cursive on the inner pocket.

While the primary modeling is done by a man, a woman is also included in the additional images to remind customers that the products are technically gender neutral.

All money aside, which items would you love to add to your real life closet? What’s your Arthur Morgan’s style in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Barking Irons]