Become the Butt of the Joke in Brief Battles, Coming to PS4 in 2019

Thanks to an Unreal Dev Grant awarded by Epic Games, developer Juicy Cupcake has announced that Brief Battles, a “butt-em-up” multiplayer brawler is headed to the PlayStation 4 in Q2 2019. This launch, which also includes a Xbox One release, coincides day and date with the originally-planned PC release. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned for a little later in the year.

If you’re wondering what Brief Battles is, or by extension what the heck a butt-em-up is, well, this is your perfect chance to learn. Brief Battles is all about silly characters, or Underwearriors to be precise, butt-slamming (think Mario) each other to death thanks to the power of their magical, supernatural underwear.

As you can see in the trailer, the different kinds of underwear have powers like fire, ice, poison, and more. Some of the actual underwear titles, if you will, are Toxic Tighty-Whities, Buns of Steel, and Flaming Hot Pants. As you can probably tell, this is a competition, a very serious competition, to “prove who has the mightiest buns.”

There’s a lot to process here, I know. Luckily, Andrew Freeth, one half of developer Juicy Cupcake, shot the following quote over to help Brief Battles sink in a bit:

Brief Battles is a party game for competitive gamers, newcomers to the genre and anyone in

between, with accessibility options opening up possibilities for all ages. Bringing Brief Battles to more couches and consoles at launch, puts a

heap of game modes, challenges and arenas in front of everyone ready to embrace the power

of the butt.