Get a Look at The Outer Worlds Dialogue Choices

After The Outer Worlds received a surprise world premiere during The Game Awards 2018, Obsidian released a few additional details about its new project. Now there’s gameplay footage to accompany it all. In the latest entry of Game Informer’s New Gameplay Today series, nearly 15 minutes of The Outer Worlds footage is shown off. Along with beautiful vistas, the dialogue options, gunplay, and melee get ample attention.

There’s plenty on display in the gameplay demonstration, but what receives the bulk of screen time is The Outer World’s dialogue system. Like other RPGs of its kind, this game’s dialogue options are varied. Some choices seem standard, merely meant to move the conversation along. Meanwhile, others appear consequential. One example of this exists in the choice to lie. This option seems tied to a leveling system. If a player lies successfully, XP is earned, and the story presumably takes a different turn. Whether or not these choices have long-term effects remains to be seen.

Apparently, The Outer Worlds will feature a level up system mirroring Fallout’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. However, Obsidian has yet to decide what leveling up entails, and whether or not an acronym will be involved. Another aspect of The Outer World’s gameplay derived from Fallout is the former’s V.A.T.S-inspired system. Fallout’s popular targeting system doesn’t outright appear in the footage above. However, there are slow down options that certainly seem to influenced by the Bethesda-owned franchise. Specifics on this front have also not yet been revealed in any depth.

Though Microsoft recently acquired Obsidian, the studio’s partnership with Take-Two subsidiary Private Division on this project ensures The Outer Worlds is not Xbox exclusive. This space-faring, first-person adventure will launch sometime in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.