Ni no Kuni II’s Second DLC Pack Is Coming Sooner Than You’d Think

Last we’d heard about the first paid DLC pack for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, it was way back in October 2018 and a release date was not yet set. Now, however, Bandai Namco has come out of the woodwork to announce the official release date for the expansion, entitled The Lair of the Lost Lord, and it’s actually quite soon! The DLC will go live on December 13, 2018. It is free for anyone who already has the season pass, while others can purchase it separately.

The date was announced in an all-new trailer, which you can see below:

The expansion features an all-new dungeon, known as “The Labyrinth.” You and your team will face challenges like you’ve never faced before as you face an ancient evil. However, The Lair of the Lost Lord also comes with a variety of new tools and equipment to ensure you’ll be prepared to take on this evil force.

A new system known as “Material Method” allows Evan’s party members to learn new fighting techniques to utilize in battle. They are referred to as “forgotten fighting styles,” and seem to be tied to the memories of the main playable characters. Styles seen in the trailer include Bracken’s “Gizmo Supremo” and Evan’s “Ding Dong Discipline.”

Long-forgotten memories appear to be a recurring theme throughout The Lair of the Lost Lord. The expansion will feature new quests that will “uncover tales from your favorite characters’ pasts.” In addition, over 80 new weapons and armor are being introduced.

The Lair of the Lost Lord is the second DLC expansion for Ni no Kuni II, although the first one was free. A third expansion is being planned for release in 2019. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we gave the game a glowing review  and called it “pure magic.”