Sledgehammer Co-Founder Glen Schofield Is Leaving Activision

One of the most important people in the Call of Duty franchise is leaving Activision. Glen Schofield announced on Twitter that, after 9 years, he is leaving the publisher at the end of December 2018. He didn’t give any specific plans, but noted he left to “try something new.” He will continue to stay in game development, although will be “taking some time off to relax.”

Prior to joining Activision, Schofield worked at companies like Absolute Entertainment, Crystal Dynamics, and Electronic Arts. At EA, he was the General Manager of the now-dearly-departed Visceral Games, where he helped create the Dead Space franchise. He eventually left EA in 2009 to form Sledgehammer Games, which was acquired by Activision that same year.

Sledgehammer has worked on three entries in Activision’s first-person juggernaut: 2011’s Modern Warfare 3, 2014’s Advanced Warfare, and 2017’s WWII. Schofield and fellow Sledgehammer Co-Founder Michael Condrey left the studio earlier in 2018 to take more senior roles within Activision itself.

If Call of Duty continues on the schedule it’s been using, in which each of the three developers working on the franchises releases its game every three years, Sledgehammer’s next title is set for 2020. The most recent entry in the franchise, Black Ops 4, released to massive success.