New Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Advertisement Provides a Second Dose of Nightmare Fuel

When our first look at Hollywood’s Sonic the Hedgehog makeover dropped, the finer details of the… oddly muscular design were obscured, likely in a (successful, kind of) effort to get the internet chatter machine running. But a photograph of what looks like a cardboard movie theater standee has been making the rounds, and while it doesn’t give us a full look at the blue blur, we do get a clear look at his new kicks, and well, his legs. His blue, fuzzy, and again, odd skinny-muscle legs.

This image, which is undoubtedly being called “cursed” on Twitter (also, check out Twitter for all the gags that have come out since this thing appeared; it’s all good content), came from our old pal Wario64, who did not say where it came from in his tweet, which you can see below:

We can’t say for sure this poster is 100% real or not, but as a former movie theater employee, this writer certainly noticed the familiar details in the background of the photo, and the telltale signs of construction on the standee itself, such as the enormous creases on the top and bottom regions. I can picture the process of putting it together in my head, and would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to those who had to do so.

In case you missed it, you can check out the other reveal from Paramount, which showed some animations, what collecting rings might sound like in the movie, and a hint at Sonic’s full design. We’ll certainly see more in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes on this space if you think you can handle it.