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The First Look at the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Reveals a New Take on the Blue Blur

Yes, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is really happening. And with the movie coming out in a little less than a year, we have our first look at the upcoming live-action/animated hybrid. Let’s just say, Sonic has come a long way from his potbellied days.

Check out the first, albeit somewhat obscured, look at Sonic the Hedgehog here:


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Get your first look at Sonic The Hedgehog in his new live action movie.

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So yeah, there’s a lot going on. The team behind the film were aiming for a “realistic” take on Sonic, which apparently means making him humanoid. It also means we have a Sonic who’s pretty muscular, although to be fair, it makes sense considering all the running he does. He also has fur, which again, makes sense, although having his quills be covered in fur is somewhat curious.

However, according to executive producer Tim Miller, he was never not going to have fur. “It was always, for us, fur, and we never considered anything different,” he told IGN, who revealed the poster. So there you have it, the cinema’s version of Sonic is a muscular, humanoid hedgehog covered head-to-toe in fur. Let’s just hope that Sonic wears gloves in this film, because no one wants to see what those hands truly look like.

And there is, of course, this issue of Sonic’s eyes. Or eye, rather, since he really only has one giant eye. Miller alluded to some conflicts with Sega over this particular issue, although we don’t get a great look at them in this poster. Let’s all wait in anticipation of the full reveal. In the movie, which is simply called Sonic the Hedgehog, the titular hedgehog himself, voiced by Ben Schwartz, finds himself in the real world. He teams up with a cop (James Marsden) to take down Doctor Robotnik, who is being portrayed by Jim Carrey.

Sonic the Hedgehog will be released in theaters on November 9, 2019.