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FNBRLeaks Account Deleted After Epic Sent Cease and Desist

Known for impressively accurate datamined Fortnite leaks, FNBRLeaks has been stopped dead in its tracks. It came to an end following a cease and desist letter from Epic Games, as reported by Eurogamer. The letter demanded all FNBRLeaks social media accounts be deleted, and the refusal to do so would result in legal action (and likely, consequences).

Preston, aka FNBRLeaks, posted a statement on TwitLonger explaining the situation:

Deleting my Twitter at the Request of Epic Games.

I am not going to go into specifics with this, but. Due to the request of an Epic Games Attorney who I’m not going to disclose, my Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and GitHub must be deleted, or else they will take action. Thank you all for the support and followers over my 7 month span of the FNBRLeaks twitter. Sadly, everything comes to an end.

Thank you,

Preston aka FNBRLeaks.

While some may argue that accounts like FNBRLeaks help draw more attention to Fortnite, which could lead to more profits, intellectual property is intellectual property. Circumventing security measures to access copyright-protected code is strictly prohibited.

Below is an image posted on Discord that appears to be the cease-and-desist letter FNBRLeaks received.

Clearly, Epic Games did not see these leaks as a positive thing. In fact, the company’s letter claimed, “Preston’s actions spoiled the game for millions of people who play and/or watch Fortnite” which in turn “negatively impact[ed]” everyone involved in Fortnite’s ongoing development. Not even Preston’s age could get him off the hook. The letter made this very clear, stating, “the fact that he is a teenager makes [the damage he did] no less true.”

Hopefully, Preston is able to effectively remove all traces of FNBRLeaks from the internet or, at least, do enough to satiate Epic Games’ legal team.

[Source: Eurogamer]