Extra-Spooky Fortnite Halloween Customization Items Leak

Fortnite Season 6 has already made the battle royale game much more spooky. However, with Halloween still on the horizon, there may be more tricks and treats on the way. Noted Twitter user FNBRLeaks gave fans the scoop on the extra-creepy customization options that could be coming soon.

First off are the Hay Man and Straw Ops, which are skins for male and female avatars, respectively. Both are on a twist on the scarecrow, which is a Halloween staple. We also get a look at the Hay Nest and Birdhovel back bling.

Upcoming gliders include the Dark Glyph and Field Wraith. The Dark Glyph is a fluorescent purple, reminiscent of Kevin the Cube. The Field Wraith is a bit more complex, featuring, well, a flying wraith (Fortnite isn’t really about subtlety).

Of course, what would Fortnite be without pickaxes? The first one, Thunder Crash, is adorned with some kind of demonic unicorn, because Halloween, I suppose. The other, the Harvester, is exactly as its name implies. You could definitely cut some crops down with that thing!

Finally, we got a sneak peek at the T-Pose emote, which, as you can imagine, aligns your avatar into a T-Shape. Not coincidentally, it looks very reminiscent of a scarecrow sitting on a pole (I’m beginning to notice a theme here).

It’s not known right now when these new customization options will launch, as they were not part of the recent Fortnite 6.01 update. However, we’ll probably see them within the next couple of weeks, considering how Halloween-appropriate they are. But until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.

[Source: FNBRLeaks]