Fallout 76 Atom Shop Holiday Cosmetics Are Unexpectedly Expensive

The Fallout 76 Atom Shop has updated with holiday goodies, but some fans are having a hard time swallowing the prices. Santa costumes, themed emotes, festive decorations are all things that could make for a festive season in the Winter Wasteland, if Bethesda wasn’t charging for trinkets what some publishers charge for game expansions.

Consider the Santa suit, for example. This costume is not practical whatsoever, but for the next couple of weeks, it could be fun to wear as you explore and visit player settlements. If that sounds fun to you, then I hope you’re prepared to open your wallet and fork over $20 for the “Comin’ to Town” bundle. Yes, you’ll also get some new player icons, a decorative “radstag,” and a Mrs. Clause outfit, but Bethesda comes off looking anything but generous by offering this bundle as it is.

Bethesda went out of its way to make this look like great deal. The Comin’ to Town bundle is topped with an urgent, red “limited time!” banner, and the the 2000-Atoms pricetag is marked down from its “true” value, which Bethesda asserts is 3000 Atoms. That’s a $30 Santa suit for a video game. Come on, guys.

Surely you can score some holiday emotes with that spare 500 Atoms you have in your account, right? Sorry, but the “Holidays Emote Bundle” is going to set you back 1200 Atoms (marked down from 2400!), so you’ll need to cough up another $10. A Red Rocket Mega Sign is inconveniently priced at 1400 Atoms, which will force players to buy the next-tier Atom bundle for $20. (Though, as a reminder, you can earn Atoms in-game by completing challenges.)

It looks like a ripoff, so it’s no surprise that some fans are feeling ripped off. A Reddit thread concerning the Atom Shop prices has received almost 4,000 upvotes on the Fallout 76 subreddit, and a spokesman for Bethesda chimed in to assure everyone that they would make their grievances heard. Hopefully Bethesda reels this one in quickly, because players are starting to voice their issues more aggressively.

[Source: Reddit via Eurogamer]