Capcom’s Mega Man X 25th Anniversary Art Features New Character Designs

Mega Man X launched for the Super Famicom in 1993, which means it’s time for the 25th anniversary of this sequel series to the original, slightly older classics. As part of the anniversary celebrations, which are still developing, Capcom has released a new piece of art showing of series staples X, Zero, Axl, and Alia. Not only is the art pretty slick, but fans also noticed that it features significant changes to the actual character designs.

First of all, you can check out the full image below, which popped up on social media over the weekend:

The man holding the print is the Mega Man host on Capcom’s official Japanese YouTube channel. Next to him in the long coat is Masakazu Eguchi, who was involved in the development of both Mega Man 11 and the Mega Man Battle Network series. But what’s the most fascinating is the art itself.

The Mega Man X design is the only familiar one, as it appears to be the same redesign featured via a Kickstarted Mega Man X collectible figure under the TruForce Collectibles label back in 2015. That originated in a goofy Capcom Unity April Fool’s joke the year before. However, the other characters were not involved with that stuff, making this the debut of the other new designs.

Could this be another tease that something new in the Mega Man X line is on the way? Don’t forget that we’ve been teased before, such as in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtrack release. Either way, that’s some pretty cool art.