PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best DLC/Expansion Winner

Often when we play a great game, we don’t want the adventure to end. Developers can hardly make games with infinite content, but they can expand the game through DLC and expansions. This year featured some amazing additions to game worlds.  Whether it was reviving a game with one of the most controversial launches of all time, sending us back to the stars to life out our sci-fi dreams, or, well, a lot of these expansions actually sent us back out to the stars.  Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best DLC/Expansion in 2018.

Best DLC/Expansion 2018 Winner

Destiny 2 forsaken best DLC expansion

Destiny 2: Forsaken

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It’s widely considered to be the best thing to ever happen to Destiny. Forsaken is the expansion that longtime fans of the series had been waiting years for, surpassing even the highly regarded The Taken King expansion from the first game. What’s more, Forskaen took a game with a rocky launch and turned it around, making players not only enjoy coming back to Destiny 2, but recreating the magic of the hobby. People want to play again and again, day after day, choosing to spend their free time with fellow Guardians in Raids, Gambit, and other activities. And the support for the game thunders on with no signs of slowing. Bungie really tapped into something special with Forsaken which easily makes it the best continuation of a game’s world that we could ask for.

Reader’s Choice Winner

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps

It was a close vote between this and No Man’s Sky NEXT, but ultimately you felt that the addition of three new mini campaign chapters to Marvel’s Spider-Man was the best expansion to a game’s world this year. We’re yet to get the latest chapter (coming very soon), but it’s clear you loved stepping back into the Spider-Suit for more swinging through New York and kicking bad guy butt.

Don’t miss our full lineup of nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing more winners all throughout the week, leading up to the Game of the Year on Friday December 21.