The Wolf Among Us 2 Had a ‘Shoe-String’ Budget

One of the casualties of the tragedy of Telltale Games was the highly-anticipated sequel to one of Telltale’s most critically-acclaimed series, The Wolf Among Us. Sadly, we’re likely to never see the continuing adventures of Bigby Wolf and crew (at least in video game form). However, after some behind-the-scenes stories have gone public, maybe it’s for the best that The Wolf Among Us 2 never released.

One former staff member of Telltale (speaking anonymously) told Eurogamer that The Wolf Among Us 2 had a “shoe-string” budget, “even by Telltale standards.” Apparently, there was talk of making The Wolf Among Us 2 only three episodes long, as opposed to the first season’s five. Telltale has experimented with shorter seasons before. However, this definitely had the stench of a cost-saving measure.

And according to some of the members of the team, The Wolf Among Us 2 was very early in development when it got the can. The most the team had completed was concept art, and many at Telltale doubted that it would even be released. There was a script for the first episode, though, and a map for the season’s storyline. It eventually did get delayed into 2019, but that was the last we’d hear of it.

By all accounts, Telltale was going to move to the Unity engine following The Walking Dead: The Final Season. However, learning a new engine comes with its own issues, which likely didn’t do The Wolf Among Us 2 any favors.

While The Walking Dead is getting a revival to close out its final season, the same can’t be said for The Wolf Among Us 2. It would have centered around Bigby and Snow “some time” after the first season, and would not have been a direct sequel. The Wolf Among Us was never one of Telltale’s best sellers, to be frank. But it is one of its most beloved properties. To have a second season be public knowledge, only for it to be yanked away, still stings.

Former Telltale staffers have gone on-record about executive meddling and its negative impact. So maybe, in the end, not seeing the second season is for the best.

[Source: Eurogamer]