A hat in time

A Hat in Time Has Reached One Million Copies Sold

Congratulations are due to the team at Gears for Breakfast, because A Hat in Time has surpassed one million copies sold. This news comes by way of the official Gears for Breakfast Twitter page. You can see the major announcement below.

Often compared to 3D mascot-platformers of the 90s like Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, A Hat in Time features a large world to explore with bright vibrant colors and an emphasis on platforming. Prior to its release, it had a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising almost $300,000 to fund the project. Director, Jonas Kærlev, wanted to create a game of this genre because of the lack of 3D mascot-platformers at that time. He also did not expect to raise so much money during the Kickstarter campaign.

The story follows Hat Kid, a young girl stranded on a planet that she must explore to find Time Pieces to power her ship. Throughout her journey, she meets interesting characters and hopefully finds all the materials needed to power her ship and return home.

A Hat in Time received mostly positive reviews, with many outlets praising its charm and how well it calls back to older 3D platformers.

It’s no Mario 64, but A Hat in Time is a competent 3D platformer, and the team at Gears for Breakfast deserve praise for reaching over one million copies sold. A Hat in Time is available now for PS4, PC, Xbox One with the Nintendo Switch version to follow sometime in the future.