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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best PlayStation Exclusive Winner

PlayStation had an incredible year, with some amazing games that you could only play on Sony’s platform. This year was a treat for anyone that owned a PS4, and even better if you also owned a PSVR headset. Plenty of experiences weren’t available anywhere else. But which of those experiences was the best? Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best PlayStation Exclusive in 2018.

Best PlayStation Exclusive 2018 Winner

God of War Best PlayStation Exclusive

God of War

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What is there to be said about God of War that hasn’t already been said? It’s the kind of game that comes from risk, experimentation, heart, and passion. Before it launched, there was some understandable doubt and concern about how Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio were reinventing Kratos. Fully bearded, a little more calm, and a father, we immediately fell in love with the direction that Kratos took since defeating Zeus at the end of God of War 3. God of War rethinks how an open world can work, adds a unique new weapon used for both combat and puzzles, has an incredible and engaging narrative, and there was really no question about which game would land the top spot right here. God of War isn’t just the best PlayStation exclusive this year. It might be one of the best PlayStation exclusives of all time.

Reader’s Choice Winner

God of War

As usual, where God of War is concerned, the readers agree. Of all the PlayStation exclusive games that released this year, God of War was the overwhelming favorite. Marvel’s Spider-Man also got a fair amount of votes, and any other year it might have won, but Sony Santa Monica managed to make something truly special with God of War.

Don’t miss our full lineup of winners and nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing our Game of the Year award next!