Ubisoft Says 2019 Will Be ‘Even More Exciting’ for Skull and Bones

December 2018 is nearly at an end. Therefore, it’s the perfect time for developers of games that have gone silent to offer new updates. For example, Media Molecule recently broke its silence, allowing players to dive into the long-awaited Dreams beta. While Ubisoft isn’t offering fans a chance to play Skull & Bones, a December update recently went live. Unfortunately, the update is little more than a rewind of 2018 and a promise that 2019 will be “even more exciting.”

The Skull & Bones December 2018 update came in the form of a brief video posted on the game’s official Facebook page. Producer Karl Luhe appeared in the video to recall the title’s exciting 2018. A highlight for Skull & Bones this year was the pre-alpha demo that E3 2018 attendees were able to try. The same demo was later featured at gamescom. According to Luhe, feedback from the community has encouraged the development team to “focus on the naval gameplay [and] make the hunting grounds as awesome as possible.”

When the public will be treated to more footage and another chance to go hands-on remains to be seen. But the wait could be a long one. Originally meant to launch sometime during the fall of this year, Skull & Bones has been delayed to a nebulous date between 2019 and 2020. Considering the vague wording of the December update, this seafaring adventure may not hit store shelves until 2020 at the earliest. Skull & Bones seems an incredibly ambitious project, though. Here’s to hoping developer Ubisoft Singapore is given all the time necessary to fully realize its vision.