Bethesda Gifting Fallout Classic Collection to Fallout 76 Players for Logging Into the Full Game

Bethesda has announced that it’ll be gifting Fallout Classic Collection on PC to all Fallout 76 players for logging into the game’s full release version in 2018. Eligible players will be able to claim the reward sometime in early January.

Fallout Classic Collection contains Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 76 has had quite a rocky launch. Bethesda Game Studios’ first multiplayer game was universally panned by critics and users alike for a magnitude of reasons including, but not limited to, technical issues. The PlayStation 4 version currently sits at a metascore of 53/100.

Fallout 76‘s release was also shrouded in controversy as Bethesda refused refunds to players who ran into game-breaking bugs and were unable to play, sparking a legal investigation. The game then saw a sharp drop in price, leaving early adopters fuming and the developer placating them with 500 Atoms as compensation.

As if this wasn’t enough, Power Armor Edition owners were handed nylon bags instead of the promised canvas bags, leading to calls for legal action against Bethesda over misleading advertisements. The developer is now offering replacements.

For its part, Bethesda has been working to improve the experience, and it won’t just stop here. In the first quarter of 2019, Fallout 76 will receive a new game mode that removes PvP restrictions, followed by regular updates and new content.

We’ll update our readers when Fallout Classic Collection is available for download.