The Fortnite Take the Elf Emote Has Been Fixed Earlier Than Expected

Epic Games has addressed an issue preventing Fortnite players from unlocking the Take the Elf emote reward. In a new update Epic confirmed, and its Twitter account noted that, “We’ve deployed a fix addressing the issues encountered earlier today. Login and Game Services have been restored and the elf is back on the shelf. Players that have earned the Take The Elf emote will now receive it as a gift or immediately after completion.”

Originally, the team at Epic Games had stated that the issue would be resolved later, and that players would receive their Take the Elf emote early in 2019. Whether the issue was, it turned out to be easier to solve than anticipated or fans raised a big enough stink about it. (We’re not sure.) Hopefully, no one had to pull extra hours during their holiday vacation to satiate any angry adolescent mobs.

For those who don’t know, the Take the Elf emote was dished out to players as a reward for participating in the “14 Days of Fortnite,” which is ongoing. Every day during this seasonal event, players are presented with a unique challenge, which is typically pretty easy to complete. Upon completing the daily challenge, an exclusive reward is unlocked for that player’s account.

Rewards have ranged from throwable snowball toys to character outfits that resemble Elsa from Frozen and cheesy emotes like the one in today’s story. (We really could have waited until 2019, Epic.) If you’re a recovering Fortnite addict, now would be a great time to lapse and rack up some exclusive rewards! We’ll see you on the Battle Bus.