Speculation Continues as Atlus Registers More Persona 5 Domains

Ryu’s Office, a marketing company that has handled registration for Atlus’ domains in the past has now registered several more Persona 5 related websites. Here they are, as spotted by Personal Central.

  • Persona5R.JP
  • P5S.JP
  • Persona5S.JP
  • Persona5M.JP
  • P5M.JP
  • P5B.JP
  • Persona5B.JP

Considering the fact that many of these titles are quite similar to each other, it’s unlikely that Atlus will actively use all the domains listed above. More likely than not, these sites are registered for security and other business purposes, i.e avoiding the brand confusion that could be caused if someone else claims a Persona 5 website for themselves.

Currently, the domains lead you to a placeholder landing page. But all these domains were claimed just after the P5R.JP website moved to Atlus’ private servers, the first significant update made to the site since it was originally claimed back in April 2017.

While nothing is confirmed, all of this domain business suggests Atlus is up to something, and it just might be a Persona 5 related announcement. Historically, this is how Atlus has prepared for launching a new official website for a project, but until something actually happens, this is just speculation.

What is Atlus planning for Persona 5? Could it be a port to another platform, a new version of the game, or something else entirely? We’ll provide more on this story as it develops.

[Source: Persona Central]