Persona 5 Pop! Figurines From Funko Set to Arrive and Take Your Heart

You don’t want these, you NEED them.

New Persona 5

Speculation Continues as Atlus Registers More Persona 5 Domains

The plot thickens.

Persona 5 Update

Persona 5 R Domain Update Could Mean an Update Is Coming

What could it be?


Catherine: Full Body Gameplay Shows Persona 5 Joker DLC

Please let this come to the West.

Persona 5 joker Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Yes, a PlayStation Exclusive Game Just Got a Character Announced For Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today in “news you didn’t expect to read.”

what does gaming teach us about death

What Does Gaming Teach Us About Death?

YOU DIED—again! It’s all part of a learning experience, though.

catherine full body joker

Here’s Your First Look at Persona 5’s Joker in Catherine: Full Body

This isn’t the Velvet Room.

Persona 5 Milady Cosplay 5

A Beautiful Betrayal: The Crazy Work Behind Cosplaying Persona 5’s Milady

More than 300 hours of work went into this cosplay.

persona 5 sales

Persona Series Has Sold 9.3 Million Copies Worldwide, Yakuza Series Has Sold 11 Million

Persona 5 and Yakuza 6 were global hits.

persona 5 lingo

Persona 5 and Its Lingo Has Rubbed off on My Friends

“Looking cool, Joker!”

Persona 5

Smell Like Persona 3 Characters With These Perfumes

Smell like your fandom (in a good way).

Persona 5 Art

New Persona 5 Art Prints Make for Stunning Decor

It’s all about the aesthetic

Resident Evil Jacket

Leon’s Resident Evil Jacket and More Cool Merch Available for Preorder

From everyday fandom looks to cosplay ready clothing.

best ps4 games

The PS4’s Biggest Ever Releases…So Far

Celebrating the crème de la crème.