Atlus Wants to Know If Fans Are Interested in HD Remakes, Persona Spin-Offs

Atlus does a yearly survey to gauge fan interest in their various offerings, and the 2017 edition is now available to take. It’s worth noting that the survey is completely in Japanese, although I was able to take it pretty easily by using Google Chrome’s translation tools. It’s very long, however, so be sure you’re ready to commit 15-20 minutes of your time if you’re going to take it.

The most interesting part of the survey is what it could mean for Atlus’ future plans. The survey spent a lot of time discussing the Persona franchise, and asks fans if they’d be interested in a number of potential new titles. These include a number of spin-offs (fighting and rhythm titles), HD remakes of past Persona titles, and a remastered version of Persona 5 featuring new scenarios and tweaked gameplay.

While it’s highly unlikely that everything teased in the survey will happen, it would make sense that some of the suggestions are currently being discussed internally. Some of the more out there suggestions included a Persona board game, an online title, and even a Persona shooter. So, if you ever wanted to see Chie star in some sort of shooter game, I guess this is your shot to be heard.

Atlus is currently planning to announce several new titles later this year, so we could be hearing about one of the projects sooner rather than later.

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see any of these titles come to fruition.

(Atlus Survey via Gematsu)