Square Enix Planning an ‘Aggressive’ Overseas Expansion in 2019

2019 may have just started, but Square Enix is already prepping for a big year. In a special New Year’s message, president Yosuke Matsuda outlined the company’s plans for the new year. Part of those plans involved continuing its global expansion, with a commitment to create a presence in China and re-establish its presence in India.

As Matsuda said himself, establishing a presence in China will be tricky, to say the least. Despite a rapidly growing video game market, the Chinese government notably has a tight grip on the media industry. 2018 in particular was a tumultuous year for the video game industry in China. Approvals for all gaming licenses suddenly froze, affecting most major game companies. That has since ended and we’ve seen more games get approved, but it’s still not an easy task to get out to China.

As such, Matsuda said many Chinese companies are looking to partner with companies outside of China. The goal is for Square Enix to build “collaborative and cooperative relationships.” with Chinese companies.

But that’s not all the famed Japanese company is planning for 2019. Matsuda also wants to relaunch it’s Indian division, which closed in 2014 after only a year of existence. India is a country that is rapidly on the rise, so it makes sense to see Square jump onto this region. And in case you doubt its commitment, Matsuda vowed the company will have a direct involvement in India. The Japanese team will be representing Square Enix “on the ground in India,” so this isn’t just simply lip-service.

Square Enix has definitely had some stumbles, but it’s exciting to see a company start off the new year with such a clear vision. 2019 is already shaping up to be a huge year for Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts III, one of the most highly-anticipated video games ever, releases at the end of January. Other notable releases include Dragon Quest Builders 2Left Alive, and Babylon’s Fall.

[Source: Square Enix]