Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.5 Update Makes Photo Mode Better

2018 was no doubt the year of the photo mode. Games like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man really helped popularize the feature in video games, and now it seems like almost every major game features it nowadays. A game like Final Fantasy XIV has had a photo mode, known as “gpose,” but 2019 will bring a host of new updates and improvements to make it even more accessible.

The 4.5 update, known as A Requiem for Heroes, will wrap up the storyline that began in the Stormblood expansion. However, it also brings some quality-of-life improvements. This includes the photo mode changes. There is now an increased list of conditions to access the mode. In another instance of making the mode more accessible, your emote can also be changed from within the mode itself. Naturally, you can only change your own emote, so group shots will require some coordination.

In addition, the photo mode will have a manual focus feature, allowing you to make the shots much more artistic. Whether you want to bring attention to your party mid-battle, or show off the beautiful scenery is up to you. You can also change the depth of field and blur within the picture. Hopefully, with these new additions, we will see a brand-new crop of player-create Final Fantasy XIV screenshots taking over the internet.

The 4.5 update also introduces a host of high-profile features. The most notable is no doubt the introduction of the Blue Mage job class. The first part of the two-part update goes live on January 8, 2019. The second part releases sometime in March.

[Source: Twinfinite]