Fortnite Brings Back Team Rumble and Unvaulted

Fans of Fortnite‘s Team Rumble and Unvaulted limited time modes may want to rethink their plans for the next few days. Both modes have returned for a limited period of time, and they seem the perfect way to start a new year of Fortnite fun.

The news was recently announced on Fortnite’s official Twitter account. See the post below:

At its core, Team Rumble is similar to Death Match. Two teams of 20 players battle each other in a massive skirmish, while rushing to become the first team to eliminate 100 players. But death in Team Rumble is not as damaging when compared to other Fortnite modes. After a respawn, players retain whatever items they had in their inventory prior to taking a death blow.

Meanwhile, Unvaulted gives players the chance to use weapons that aren’t available elsewhere in Fortnite, weapons that have essentially been retired. Examples of this include the impulse grenade, tactical submachine gun, bouncer trap, semi-automatic sniper rifle, and the suppressed submachine gun. In this particular mode, two-player teams are pit against each other on the battlefield, offering the battle royale experience many have come to expect in Fortnite.

When Team Rumble and Unvaulted will once again go offline is currently unclear. It’s also a mystery as to when these two modes may return after this limited time period. As such, players should probably try to enjoy them as much as possible while they’re currently available.

[Source: Fortnite on Twitter]