Fortnite Is Adding a Gorgeous Scoped Revolver Soon

Who needs data miners and leaks when Epic Games is perfectly willing to reveal new Fortnite weapons ahead of their official release? Players awoke today and booted up Fortnite to find that the message of the day revealed a brand new weapon coming soon to Battle Royale: the Scoped Revolver.

The Scoped Revolver is a “Six-shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at range.” Exactly how far out the revolver will remain lethally effective is unknown. We don’t have any stats or information outside of the very brief summary from Epic. Judging by the orange background in that image, we assume that this is going to be a legendary-tier item. Also, since it’s comically-large, we’re assuming that the damage output is going to be significant.

Of course, we’re also expecting the rate of fire to be quite slow, so don’t whip this puppy out at close range unless you’re confident that you can land a head-shot. Even at mid-range, this is only something the average player will probably want to use when taking an opponent by surprise. If you know that you’re a sprayer who has to constantly correct their aim, then keep an automatic weapon ready for those mid-range scuffles.

Since the Scoped Revolver was teased today, there’s a good chance that update 7.20 is going to drop tomorrow, but Epic Games has yet to confirm as much. We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, we have some new evidence suggesting that Epic Games is considering making a player-requested change to how looting works in Fortnite. More on that here.

(Source: FNBR.News)