The Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Is ‘So Impressed’ With Death Stranding After a Private Demo

Hideo Kojima has brought a gift from Guerrilla Games full circle. Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Hermen Hulst shared an encouraging tweet that relived a memory from 2016, when he gifted Hideo Kojima with Guerrilla’s award-winning Decima Engine to use for Death Stranding. Kojima recently came back to the studio to show everyone how the game is shaping up. According to Hulst, it’s looking good:

The second image is one sure to make Kojima fans everywhere a bit jealous. The Guerrilla Games team was privileged enough to sit in on a private demonstration, with Kojima himself taking the controller and playing through a bit of Death Stranding. It’d be interesting to know what they saw. It’d be great to know what kinds of scenes Kojima isolated as potential showcases for what the engine is capable of, and what he’s been doing with it in general. Apparently, it was an impressive show.

There’s one thing that people could possibly assume. Whatever those at Guerilla saw, they might have had no idea what was going on. Death Stranding remains a total mystery to most of us. Kojima’s latest project has even befuddled the voice actors contracted to bring life to its characters. The general consensus seems to be that the game is trippy, beautiful, and abstract. Kojima’s symbolism is drawing from an eclectic well of sources.

If you missed out on some of the far-out Death Stranding theories that fans have conjured, we have you covered. Be careful: the rabbit hole is deep.