Get Some Exclusive Bonuses With the Death end re;Quest Deluxe Bundle

From Idea Factory, multi-genre hybrid RPG Death end re:Quest is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 on February 19, 2019. We already knew that, of course, but the news here is that a special, digital Deluxe Bundle for the quirky title is now available for preorder on the PlayStation Store. This bundle, which will set customers back a few extra dollars, comes with some bonuses related to the season pass and a fresh discount. There are also some exclusive DLC items related to what form Death end re:Quest is purchased outright.

The Deluxe Bundle, which includes the game and Season Pass, is now available on the PlayStation Store for $79.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, there’s a 10% discount, as well as planned early access to the free Summer Swimsuit Bundle, which is set to release later in the year.  If you get this stuff piecemeal, the full game is the standard $59.99, and the Season Pass is $19.99. So, this shaves a few bucks off in addition to the PlayStation Plus bonus.

Separately from the bundle, there’s also a set of bonus DLC weapons for preorder customers. The list is different, depending on a digital or physical purchase of Death end re;Quest. The list of DLC weapons for a digital preorder is as follows:

  • Shina’s Bug Swatter
  • Al’s Drill Trap
  • Lucil’s Mosquito Coil

And, here’s the list of physical preorder bonus DLC weapons:

  • Lily’s Atomic Spray
  • Clea’s Mach Raid
  • Celica’s Venus Blade

Unfortunately, all of this content in these forms is exclusive to North America. European PlayStation Store customers will be able to snag everything as it releases separately, however.