Watch Darth Maul Actor Ray Park Boogie Down in Beat Saber

Ray Park, who you know on screen as Darth Maul, has traded in his Lightsaber for Beat Saber. The actor recently posted a video of himself playing the hit VR rhythm game on PlayStation VR and, we have to warn you, it void him of all of his dark mystique. If you like to think of the man behind Maul as being some kind of grim and stoic being, then you may not want to consume this footage of him squatting and flailing:

We’re going to cut Park a little bit of slack, here. He admits that this is his first time playing Beat Saber, and he acknowledges that his kids are the true masters. He’s a Beat Saber Padawan — or Beat Saber Sith Acolyte, if you prefer.

At first one might assume that Park is playing in a squad because he just couldn’t resist that bit of boogie, but anyone who regularly plays Beat Saber will recognize straight away that his elevation settings are far too low. Park’s children are usually the ones playing, and that’s apparent. The rhythm cubes are passing by so low that they’re almost out of his vertical periphery, and the red walls which one should be able to duck are completely unavoidable. Someone help this man adjust his elevation settings, and then film him slicing and dicing to this viral K-Pop tune.

Are you a Beat Saber Jedi master? Is this the PlayStation VR game you can’t stop yourself from playing? If you have an amazing Beat Saber video to share, be sure to link us in the comments, and let us know what you think of Darth Maul’s performance!