Beat Saber Will Be Getting More Free Songs

Beat Games is currently in the process of mapping out its first batch of paid DLC for Beat Saber, the hit VR rhythm game that’s the closest you’ll ever get to being Darth Maul. These Music Packs are expected to cost around $9.99 and consist of ten songs, and at least two Music Packs will follow. Those of you who aren’t ready or willing to get your wallets out will still get to enjoy more Beat Saber songs in the future.

While answering fan questions, the official Beat Saber Twitter account stated more songs will be coming to the game via free updates. This is in addition to the paid DLC packs coming soon.

Most recently, “POP/STARS,” the hit song from League of Legends‘ virtual K-pop group K/DA, became playable in Beat Saber. Clearly, the team has their ear to the streets in terms of what’s in vogue.

There’s no word on when to expect free updates, but based on prior ones, it will likely be random. As for the Music Pack, Beat Games will update fans as things progress.

Beat Games is also working on “solution to get Expert+ mode to PS VR,” but as a team of just five people, these things take time.

[Source: Twiter via Road to VR]