Realm Royale PS4 Open Beta Launches Alongside a Battle Pass

Realm Royale‘s open beta begins today on the PlayStation 4, and you should be able to log on and play right now. This is a fantasy battle royale experience from Hi-Rez Studios‘ subsidiary studio Heroic Leap Games, and it was originally a Paladins spin-off mode. It has been evolving for almost two years now and, after extensive closed beta testing, Realm Royale is ready to launch to a much wider audience.

If your interest is piqued, we have even better news. Along with the new open beta comes a new Realm Royale Battle Bass. “Steel and Shadow” is a pirates-and-ninjas-themed Battle Pass containing 80 levels of unlocks and rewards. Like the Fortnite Battle Pass, typically players have to cough up a little money to unlock all of those extra challenges and rewards, but if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get the Steel and Shadow Battle Pass for free!

Realm Royale sets itself apart from Fortnite, PUBG, and Blackout in many ways. The high-fantasy setting is perhaps the most apparent, and people may love seeing old wooden houses, lush fantasy landscapes, forges, and elaborate fantasy costumes for each character.

Players also select from a pool of classes before loading into a match, and each class can be heavily customized with talents that are gradually unlocked through a mastery system. During a match you’ll still be looting items, but you’ll also be able to forge new weapons and abilities if you have the proper ingredients.

The classes, talent progress, and forging add some unique fantasy RPG elements to Realm Royale, as do the mounts, which you can summon and ride across the map at any time. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen in the genre lately, so grab some friends and give it a whirl.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]