Hi-Rez Founder and CEO Steps Down After a Successful Year of Growth to Pursue Other Interests

Hi-Rez Studios (Paladins, Smite) has announced that its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Erez Goren, is stepping down. President Stewart Chisam, who joined the developer in 2008, will take over Goren’s role.

2018 was a successful year of growth for Hi-Rez on “almost every metric,” according to Chisam. He revealed that Goren, who owns multiple companies in various industries, has been considering stepping down since 2014, and feels that now is a good time to make that change.

“Over the past year or two, he [Goren] has taken more and more interest in solving some healthcare industry problems using machine learning technology, as well as one or two other outside interests,” explained Chisam. “The CEO change at Hi-Rez gives him the opportunity to spend the time he needs to with his other companies to help ensure their success, while still being engaged in the high level strategy.”

Hi-Rez saw “strong” revenue growth last year, and now has over 450 employees alongside a “strong network” of contractors. “That scale gives us the ability to take on projects we could have only dreamed about a short time ago, which is very exciting and, we hope, sets us up for more growth over the coming years,” Chisam continued.

The newly-crowned CEO also teased “a couple” games in development that may release in 2019. “Our core mission remains the same: lead the market in delivering innovative free-to-play competitive multiplayer action games that can be played across all major gaming platforms,” he added.

Paladins and Smite are both available for the PlayStation 4 alongside Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

[Source: Games Industry]