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War Thunder Dev and Hi-Rez President Call Sony Out Over Cross-Play Restrictions

War Thunder developer, Gaijin Entertainment, and the newly crowned Chief Executive Officer of Hi-Rez Studios, Stewart Chisam, have expressed their frustration over Sony’s restrictions on cross-platform play.

Although PlayStation 4 cross-play is being beta tested in Fortnite and Rocket League, several other studios that have been requesting necessary permissions have been met with silence by Sony.

War Thunder is ready to become a fully cross-platform title,” Gaijin tweeted. “We asked Sony for it multiple times, before the Xbox One version launch and when the PlayStation cross-play beta was announced, but we haven’t received clearance yet.”

“Hey Sony PlayStation, it’s time to stop playing favorites and tear down the cross-play/progression wall for everyone,” wrote Chisam separately. “We have Smite, Paladins, Realm Royale ready to go when you are.”

When Wccftech contacted Gaijin Entertainment for further information, the studio revealed that War Thunder was already set for cross-platform when it initially released on the PS4.

“PC users can play together with their PS4 or Xbox One friends, and the only cross-play which is not available is between the two consoles,” the developer explained. “Technically War Thunder is ready to become a fully cross-platform title, as it was designed to be from the very beginning.”

Sony’s Worldwide Studios executive, Shawn Layden, said back in September 2018 that the company has to consider a number of factors from technical and business perspectives before it can fully embrace cross-play. He acknowledged that Sony has been slow in responding to requests but added that cross-play took “as long as it was gonna take to get it ready and get it done.”

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