Sony Explains Why Enabling PS4 Cross-Play Took This Long, Says It’s Unlike ‘Flipping a Switch’

Earlier this week, Sony stunned fans by announcing that it is beta testing cross-platform play in Epic’s hit title, Fortnite. Many saw this development as the company doing a 180 after receiving backlash for its stance on the feature but Worldwide Studios executive, Shawn Layden, revealed on the most recent PlayStation Blogcast that it took Sony this long to enable cross-play because it had a number of important issues to consider first.

“Enabling cross-play isn’t just about flipping a switch and there you go,” he explained. “It’s a very multi-dimensional kind of attribute or feature. So we had to look at it from a technical point of view, we have to work with our partners from a business point of view, we have to make sure that if we enable this, do we have the right customer service support, do we have the right messaging out there, do we have all these different things that you have to get in line.”

Layden acknowledged that enabling cross-play took Sony a little longer than he had wanted but also noted that it took “as long as it was gonna take to get it ready and get it done.” He also reminded fans that there may be some hiccups along the way as things are still in early stages.

[Source: PlayStation Blogcast via Destructoid]