Tune in to Another Media Molecule Livestream Focusing on Move Controllers in Dreams

Media Molecule has been keeping us busy with Dreams livestreams as of late, as the developer ramp up for the game’s release, hopefully later in 2019. Today, it looks like we’re getting another livestream, this time, focusing on Move controller functionality in Dreams. As many users are still enjoying the beta, having Move controllers to help bring creations to life may be super helpful.

The community is encouraged to watch the livestream, since all of the content that’s shown is approved by the developers. Media Molecule has been having some issues with users breaking the NDA associated with the beta, leading to many articles, videos, and images being shared online. It’s understandable that the community is excited and wants to show off their creations, but as a courtesy to Media Molecule, it’s best to abide by these NDA rules, which state that nothing should be shared pertaining to the Dreams beta.

As for the upcoming livestream, you can tune in today to learn more. It started at 5 pm GMT/9am PT/11 am CT/12 pm ET. A blog post on the Media Molecule website noted that this livestream will be shorter than you’re used to, but ensures that it will still have lots of useful information.

In addition, Media Molecule will be hosting yet another livestream on Thursday, January 24th at 5PM GMT. That one will be focusing on tips, tricks, and beta creations for Dreams.

You can watch today’s livestream here.

[Source: Twitter]