Dreams Beta Players Made a Game Set in the Media Molecule Office

The Media Molecule team has been livestreaming some of the most interesting results from the Dreams beta as a way to showcase what can be done in their upcoming creator game. They’ve been impressed by people’s ingenuity and, in the most recent stream, oddly flattered by one game in particular. Meet the Molecules by Schrottmaker and the thirty-one others puts the player inside of the Media Molecule office. You can see for yourself in the video above which should jump straight to the 24:09 timestamp where the game is shown.

The layout was based on a YouTube video from 2015 entitled “Behind The Scenes with Dreams PS4 at Media Molecule.” While the in-game version of Media Molecule’s office is more minimalistic, the layout, scale, and iconic pink carpet are all there. The Meet the Molecules office isn’t as cluttered with wires and desk decorations but there are still some nice details such as a few sets of PlayStation Move Controllers, several Sackboy plushies from Little Big Planet, and even an employee’s guitar (“Mark’s guitar” to be specific).

One of the team members described it as “the creepiest thing but also one of the most awesome things” he has seen during the beta. Another chimed in to say it “surprised everyone in the office.” The game mainly involves the camera panning around Media Molecule. There are even some generic people walking around as you automatically zip between desks from the first-person perspective.

Towards the end of the game an on-screen prompt reads as follows while a red cube character appears with open arms.

It’s time to give all the Molecules a hug for creating Dreams 😉 Follow me for more cool stuff in the future. Thx to everyone who shared; their objects really helped.

At this point, the player is in control and is tasked with hugging the people walking around the office. However, the in-game Media Molecule team will avoid your hug at all costs: backing away constantly, jumping over desks, hiding in the corner, and even falling out of the window.

There were plenty of other interesting games and assets highlighted during this 100-minute stream including player-made tutorials for Dreams, top-down shooters, isometric puzzle games, and much more.

If you haven’t gotten your code of the Dreams beta yet remember that one last batch of US codes is going out with the beta extended until February 4, 2019.

[Source: YouTube]