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NightCry is Finally Ready to Unleash its Terror on the PlayStation Vita

At long last, the PlayStation Vita port of NightCry finally has an honest-to-goodness release date. After being announced in 2014 and releasing on PC in 2016, the cruise ship-set horror title finally releases on Sony’s platform on January 31, 2019. Better late than never, right?

In case you had forgotten about NightCry (although, how could you?), a nice little trailer was bundled with the announcement. (Editor’s note: In case you had forgotten about the Vita, we can’t help you much there.)

NightCry was designed as a spiritual successor to the hugely influential Clock Tower series. It’s even directed by Clock Tower creator Hifumi Kono himself! The similarities are apparent just by looking at the trailer, from the visuals (which have a distinctly PS1-era look to them, let’s be honest), to the scissors-wielding antagonist.

In NightCry, you play as a woman who thinks she scored the opportunity of the lifetime. But just as she’s enjoying her dream cruise vacation, everything gets flipped upside down. Now on the run from the truly terrifying Scissor Walker, you’ll have to sneak—not fight—your way out of this nightmare.

Originally billed as Project ScissorsNightCry was a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter. In a somewhat ironic twist, it was originally designed as a Vita (and mobile) title, with the PC port a result of the Kickstarter campaign. The PC release came about a year later, while word remained silent on other versions. A PlayStation 4 release was even proposed, along with other stretch goals that presumably were not reached.

Even though it was originally promised for 2018NightCry will release on the PlayStation Vita on January 31, 2019. Sadly, with the Vita in its twilight years, this will likely be one of the lasts major titles to release on the handheld.