Clock Tower Spiritual Successor Project Scissors: NightCry Appears on Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign for Clock Tower’s spiritual successor, Project Scissors: NightCry, has been launched. Game director Hifumi Kono and co-creator Takashi Shimizu aim to raise $300,000 within the next 29 days. As of this writing, the game had 341 backers, and has raised over $14,000 of the pledged goal. 

NightCry was initially announced for the PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android, but according to the Kickstarter page, an overwhelming fan response has “convinced” the developers to bring the game to PC and “possibly other additional platforms.” What other platforms are being considered has not been revealed yet, but here’s hoping for the PS3 and PS4 versions!

Project Scissors: NightCry was announced at the Tokyo Game Show last year. You can watch a teaser for the game here.

[Source: Kickstarter]