Here’s the Rundown on This Weekend’s Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals

While some weird stuff has been happening around the competitive Dragon Ball FighterZ scene, this weekend will see the culmination of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s official circuit. Starting tomorrow with the Last Chance Qualifiers, the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals will begin.

This is all about establishing the second half of the top eight, then pitting them up against the Dragon Ball holders to figure out who is the top Dragon Ball FighterZ player on the planet today. There are 239 registrants for the Last Chance Qualifiers, making up four brackets. On Saturday, January 26, 2019 (tomorrow), those brackets will be whittled down to four survivors. Then on the following Sunday, the finals will proceed. If you want to watch, you can tune into the “dragonballfighterz” Twitch channel.

The Dragon Ball holders are quite a mix. Earning their way to the top eight through their performances at other World Tour events, these four players got to skip the LCQs due to their Goku-like power levels. Of course, the first two should be of no surprise to anyone following FGC news. Goichi Kishida holds is first on the list, and his rival SonicFox (who has made quite a name for himself lately) is right there with him. Kazunoko, who is a Capcom Cup champion but only recently picked up Dragon Ball FighterZ is number three. HookGangGod completes the top four as a relative unknown who made his FGC debut through this title.

As exciting as the tournament itself is, it is also important to remember that Arc System Works has all but confirmed we’ll be seeing some sort of debut for a season two of DLC character additions for the game. We already know Dragon Ball Super end boss Jiren is in the mix, but could we end up seeing more?

[Source: Reddit user sofastsomaybe]