Red Dead Online Improves Gun Rush and Offers Free Gold Bars This Weekend

The latest Red Dead Online update should result in improvements to Gun Rush, while also including a token of appreciation for players. As a thank you to fans who support Red Dead Online by participating in the beta, anyone who plays this weekend will get five free Gold Bars: a form of optional, premium in-game currency. To snag this reward, all you have to do is play the Red Dead Online Beta between January 25th and 27th to qualify for the bonus, which will be delivered to your account by January 29, 2019.

As for Gun Rush, the game’s battle royale mode, it has had its share of problems. The team has recently identified some matchmaking issues and has made some short-term improvements to tide fans over until permanent fixes can come into place.

For now, the changes should result in fuller lobbies. Gun Rush is, unsurprisingly, better with a bit of a crowd. Matches are capped to 32 players, who can go as teams or in a free for all, so the fact that it’s already smaller than other battle royale games and modes means filling up the lobby is even more important.

If you felt things were a bit dead in Gun Rush, Rockstar encourages you to check back this weekend and see how the developer has, or hasn’t, fulfilled this promise. And, as usual, the team is always looking for community feedback, whether it’s positive or negative.