First Look at Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Shows Rangers Fighting Each Other

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid came out with a bang, promising a fighting game that all generations of Power Rangers fans may be able to love. However, developer nWay has given fans their first real look at what this game has to offer, gameplay-wise. It certainly looks to take inspiration from some of the most beloved fighting games out there.

Check out the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid gameplay reveal here:

Battle for the Grid comprises 3-on-3 match-ups, which immediately evokes memories of games like Marvel vs. Capcom and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In addition to stacking up your team with a combination of Rangers, you’ll be able to call upon your reserves to assist in combat. Sadly, we still haven’t learned about any other additions to the roster, which so far includes the Red and Green Mighty Morphin’ Rangers, and the Yellow Megaforce Ranger. With 25 years of history to draw from, there’s certainly plenty of potential.

All Rangers have their own unique abilities in combat, which gives them distinct advantages in battle. Similar to other 3-on-3 fighting games, selecting characters that complement each other is key.

More information continues to be revealed for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. We know that it will feature some sort of story mode. However, details are still being kept secret for now. In addition, it will launch with cross-play, though the PS4 is sadly missing out yet again.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will release in April 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A PC release is planned to shortly follow.