Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Update Adds PS4 Crossplay and Other Online Extras

Developer nWay continues to work towards improving the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid experience. The latest set of improvements arrive in the form of Version 2.0, an update that introduces quite a few exciting additions. Crossplay between other platforms and the PlayStation 4 serves as one of Version 2.0’s most notable highlights. There are myriad other extras that fans should keep an eye out for, too.

Sony’s reluctance concerning crossplay locked the feature out of PS4 during its post-launch arrival in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Thankfully, the company’s stance on the matter has changed in recent months, with Battle for the Grid being the latest to take advantage. The title also includes cross-platform progression for anyone who wants to transfer their save data between PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One systems.

Version 2.0 introduces even more online-centric additions to the Power Rangers fighter, including Spectator Mode and online lobbies. With the latter, upwards of eight players can join a lobby and fight against one another. Each lobby can then host up to four matches at once. Participants waiting in the wings will have the option to spectate, while patiently awaiting their turn to jump back into the fray.

According to a statement from nWay Co-founder and CEO Taehoon Kim, Version 2.0 is turning Battle for the Grid into “exactly what we had envisioned when we started creating the title.” Given the sheer number of changes nWay has implemented since launch, this comes as no surprise. Previous updates and DLC releases have added up to six new characters, new arenas, and an original story mode, the latter of which launched weeks after the main game’s release.

[Source: nWay via Newsweek]