Scorpina Enters the Arena in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid in December

The final DLC character for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s Season 3 content arrives this winter on December 8th. Scorpina of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fame will serve as the DLC fighter in question.

Developer nWay recently announced the news, alongside a very brief reveal trailer for the villainous Scorpina. Get a glimpse of the infamous Mighty Morphin Power Rangers foe in the following video:

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid launched in spring 2019. The fighting game’s roster only featured a total of nine characters on day one, but the selection of fighters has grown since then via post-launch add-ons. Interestingly, the first batch of DLC characters arrived in a free update, giving all players access to Dragon Armor Trini, Udonna, and Cenozoic Blue Ranger.

Content for the Season 3 Pass, which began rolling out in July of this year for $14.99, includes three different characters–Jungle Fury character Robert James, Super Samurai Ranger Lauren Shiba, and the newly announced Scorpina from Might Morphin Power Rangers. Players can purchase the fighters separately if they so choose for the price of $5.99 apiece.

Since launch, nWay has continued to support Battle for the Grid in a number of other ways, too. One of the more notable examples involves the arrival of cross-play on PlayStation 4. Thanks to cross-platform progression, fans can also transfer their save data between the game’s PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One versions.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is out now on the PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms.