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Fortnite Nerf Gun

Fortnite Nerf Blaster Drops Into Our Lives June 2019

Watch your back.

transformers video games

Hasbro Confirms Expiration of Its Publishing Contract With Activision for Transformers

No word on the future.

Micro Machines World Series Review – Yellow Flag (PS4)

It’s charming, but is it worth playing?

Micro Machines World Series Out Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

This nostalgic game even features Hungry Hippos.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Now Available on PS4 & Xbox One for $49.99

Includes multiplayer, DLC.

Activision on Future Transformers Games: We Know Devastation Wasn’t Perfect, Your Feedback Is Important

It struck the right chord with the fanbase though.

Hasbro Game Channel Launches This Fall on PS4 and Xbox One, Includes Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit

Risk, Monopoly Plus, and Trivial Pursuit Live coming individually to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Battleship Review (PS3)

Okay, bear with me for a second here. Do you remember aRead the full article…