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Hasbro Confirms Expiration of Its Publishing Contract With Activision for Transformers

Just before Christmas, a Twitter user discovered that Activision was quietly pulling all of its Transformers games from digital stores. Since it’s not unheard of for licensed games to be de-listed, many assumed that the move was probably the result of a licensing issue, requiring the publisher to apply for a renewal.

In a rare move, Transformers creator Hasbro has confirmed to IGN that its publishing contract with Activision has expired. However, the company did not comment on what the future holds for the games on consoles and PC. IGN reports that Transformers games are still up and running on mobile devices.

Only time will tell if Activision will rekindle its partnership with Hasbro or if the toy company will look for a new partner to work on video games based on its properties. Several publications have already reached out to Activision for a comment and are awaiting a response although back in 2015, the publishing giant implied that it did have plans to continue working on Transformers games.

In response to criticisms of Transformers Devastation, Activision said that it’ll take fan and critic feedback into consideration when working on future titles in the series.

We’ll update our readers when we have more info and/or Activision responds.

[Source: IGN]