Activision on Future Transformers Games: We Know Devastation Wasn’t Perfect, Your Feedback Is Important

Released back in October, Transformers: Devastation from Activision and developer Platinum Games was met with favorable reviews but, as we pointed out, there was a shallow story and lack of game modes.

Asked what the future of Transformers video games might hold, Activision Producer Robert Conkey told Vice, “Unfortunately, I’m unable to discuss future plans at this point.” However, he was able to say that Devastation “certainly seems to have struck the right chord with the fanbase, which, I can tell you, warms the developers’ hearts.”

Conkey then talked about how Devastation wasn’t without flaws, and your feedback will be important in shaping future games:

As for what we’re doing on Transformers games, going forward, we know that while Devastation succeeded in a lot of aspects, it certainly wasn’t perfect and there are a lot of areas where we received valuable feedback for improvement. It’s never possible to make everyone happy, but we do take that feedback very seriously when planning for future titles.

What do you want in the next Transformers game? Would you like Platinum Games to return as the developer?

[Source: Vice]