Destiny Studio Bungie Insists That Activision Wasn’t a ‘Prohibitive Overlord,’ Contrary to Popular Belief

Bungie’s Communications Director, David “Deej” Dague, has said that the studio parted ways with publisher Activision on good terms and that despite reports of tension between the two companies, Activision wasn’t some “prohibitive overlord” that prevented the developer from doing what it wanted.

During an interview with Eurogamer, Dague discussed the significant changes that Bungie has had in store for Destiny 2, including cross-save support and going free-to-play. Quizzed whether the studio would have been able to achieve this under Activision or not, Dague said:

I don’t know. I think we need to dispel the notion that Activision was some prohibitive overlord that wasn’t letting us do awesome things. We launched this franchise with Activision, naturally and over the course of time we both decided we had different goals for what we wanted it to be, so we both went our separate ways. It was amicable, and here we are making this game on our own, doing what we think we need to do to make it awesome.

When asked how Bungie is dealing with the withdrawal of support from Activision studios High Moon and Vicarious Visions, Dague responded:

By doing all the work ourselves! We’re committed to doing all the things we’re doing right now – Solstice of Heroes is ours, Moments of Triumph, Shadowkeep, Season of the Undying and three more seasons after that. There’s really nothing more to say but we’re on our own now and Destiny will be what we make of it.

Talking about cross-save support and free-to-play, Dague added that Bungie wants to be flexible and adapt to the changing market tastes even if some of these evolutions are “painful.”

“We will do whatever we think is best for the community and welcome new people in,” he continued. “I’m very sensitive to the fact that the lifeblood of a community is the ability to bring in new faces to keep it fresh.”

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[Source: Eurogamer]